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 We are reviewing your poems, art, fiction.

The Underground Writers Association is now reviewing submissions received for 

Essential, an anthology torn from the core of UWA’s mission — sharing creative works is essential.


The anthology follows themes of isolation, disruption, abandon, and what is essential. It is up to the author to define and make the argument for what is essential in times like these.

The reading period for Essential has closed, we thank you for your thoughtful submissions and will be in contact soon if we have not been already. Any submissions received after 9 PM Eastern on June 13 2020 for this anthology will not be considered or acknowledged.

You can still support this endeavor by purchasing one of our titles today to get a sense for what we like to publish, and keep an eye on our social media for the next call.

There was No Fee To Submit

This reading period had a waved submission fee in consideration of the financial hardship many of us are facing.

Art should always be accessible. This is our small but hopeful way to contribute.


UWA is unable to pay its anthology contributors at this time. Because this is a no-fee anthology, UWA is looking into other potential funding sources to supply contributors copies, but at this time, contributors can at least expect to receive an ePub digital copy of the final anthology.

Support us, and a Bookstore near you

You can purchase UWA’s titles via which helps raise money for indie bookstores and for us.


Each purchase donates $1-$2 to a bookstore in your community, and to us. This small trickle of donation allows us to recoup some advertising costs, and get this anthology to market sooner.

Submission Guidelines 

We were reviewing submissions from authors and artists of: 

  • Up to 10 works of poetry in a single document

  • Up to two pages of micro fiction (250 words or less) in a single document

  • Up to 3 images of visual art (photography, drawings, paintings, mixed media, etc.) in a single document.

Each type of submission should be its own document, so you should have sent at most, three files. 

Word documents are ok for poetry and fiction, but PDFs for all submitted files are preferred. 

Work should have been sent

with a submission statement and proof of purchase if submitting for expedited response.

What is a submission statement? Just a little bit about who you are and what you're sending in the email body, nothing too formal or serious to worry about. It would be super awesome if you include a note of where you found out about us / this anthology (Facebook, Twitter, Newpages, word of mouth, etc.) but there's no penalty if you don't. It just helps to know where we should focus our efforts and can better connect with you!


We should have let you know that your submission was received.

Please allow up to 4 months for a decision from our editors before requesting a status update. While we aim to respond much faster, due to the state of the world, things like this can be unpredictable and out of our hands. Our current response time is averaging 2-6 weeks.

Simultaneous submissions and previously published works were acceptable, but, please be mindful of the following: If your submission is accepted elsewhere, that publication may not allow dual publication, and we would ask you please contact us as soon as possible if you need to withdraw your work from us.

If you submit previously published work, we asked your submission statement include where and when the work has appeared. If your work has been previously published, it is up to you to check with the previous publisher that it is no longer under their FNASR. We will request confirmation if we accept a work that is previously published and reserve the right to withdraw an acceptance at any point. 

Submissions that did not follow these guidelines will likely not be considered for publication, and you may not hear back from us at all. 

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