UWA Celebrates 1 year!

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

In November 2017 Underground Writers Association was founded by Joel Carpenter, a writer based our of Westbrook, Maine. At first UWA was a platform created to promote poetry online but soon evolved into something more.

The Poets of Maine

UWA's first publication was a poetry anthology called the Poets of Maine. The Poets of Maine Vol. 1 was released in June 2018 and can now be found on book shelves across the state.

The Poets of New England

Following the success of The Poets of Maine UWA quickly started another poetry anthology called The Poets of New England. Poets scattered across the north east submitted for the anthology.

The anthology will be available for purchase Nov. 15th on Amazon

and other online retailers.

Affordable book making services coming soon!

Starting Nov. 15 we will be offering book making services! Which

means if you are someone who needs a manuscript turned into a book,

we can help you. Many similar services can cost an upwards of

$2,000 or more. We will only be charging $350 for this service, as writers we understand what's like to have a limited amount of funds to create a book. This service includes a proof-read of the manuscript, interior design, book cover design, placement on Amazon and print on demand. You will be able to print as many copy's

as you desire online at cost.

Stay tuned for more info!

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